Franco Brighenti was born in Pozzolengo (BS) on 20 September 1952 . He got his diploma as Expert Industrial Mechanic in '72. From September '72 to December '73 he was in the military service in the Alpine corps, participating in the CAR in Cuneo and then was transferred to Varna (Bressanone) at the Auto department Tridentina with the assignment of driver and the degree of corporal. At the end of the service he was dismissed with the degree of Major Corporal. In '74 he married Lidia and from this wedding 3 children were born: Maria (76), Matthew (78) and Ellen (84).
In the same year ('74) he moved to Desenzano del Garda (BS) where he lives and works to this day in 64, Via N. Sauro.
Artistically he is self-taught.

The artist in his studies

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Critical Judgement: The pictorial art of Franco Brighenti is to be valued on the whole of the various synthesis obtained throughout the years and in the various researches; one thing recurs in all his experiments: the orderly grouping of the wholes, things or people. The choosing of the subjects changes leaving the sense unvaried around a central nucleus: which is the "theme". Brighenti
The point is to whom? Of what? A subtle question that the teacher tries to describe through his paintings, his discipline in life….perhaps it is this that he wants to tell us? The international critics have pointed the attention and given answers regarding what I have said.
It remains hard to decipher, the mystery of the universe and of man, in the unreachable spaces of psyche.
This artist fixes on the painting: space, time, the human hierarchy converting them in very pleasant works.
(Prof. Carla Marino)

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Comments of the artist:
After the personal participation in collective at the Euro Art Expo of Verona in November 94, and the personal of paintings and photographs, put up at the Salone Tosi of Pozzolengo in December 95, satisfied and feeling as one of many, I went in crisis and decided voluntarily to take a long period of thought, working in the direction of "More can be done". From this thought I matured new ideas and painting projects.
Through art other than landscapes, flowers, faces and else which is figurative, I had the intuition that complete ideas and thoughts can be expressed. To demonstrate to myself that my intuitions were fit and feasible, I made a long term project, therefore giving myself a work plan. Here is the idea of the project:
Since the 20th century was about to finish, in part lived out and in part yet to study, I decided to think about realizing roundabout fifty medium size canvases (100*140cm or bigger, one every two years), of the most important social-political moments that characterized the century, using the symbolism method. For years I was in stall not knowing which part to start from, then one day I decided to begin with the origin of writing, what symbolism could be more explicit???
So I began a fascinating and thrilling trip through the history of primitive populations arriving to our days.
As Janus, the two-fronted god, I wanted to keep an eye on the past to try to build a better present. In identifying myself and trying to interpret the spirit of those populations, I approached inevitably to a sort of laboratory that gave me the chance to experiment and elaborate new techniques and artistic solutions that I intend to unite in my big and ambitious project . An example for all, is seeing the painting in oil on board 6mm large (100*120cm) entitled "Shooting in Aushwiz" carried out with the "Tracing" technique. I think it is a centred work, in the sense that, without showing atrocities that could irritate, I rebuilt a scene of incredible cruelty. I also underline through the traces, the invisibility of these dead people; that new and old generations tend to remove from their conscience. I haven't produced great works from the '900 to this day, but I am ready to start. The works that I am presenting here aren't but a small part of what I have produced, I leave you to judge.
I thank in advance those who will want to leave me a short comment or judgement.

P.S. I am looking for sponsors (local authorities, private boards, onlus societies etc.) who are seriously interested in contributing in the realization of exhibitions, works of social interest regarding important themes: life, security etc.