A great German poet, traced to favour the origin of an authentic work of poetry: "One must wait a whole life, save a whole life, if possible senses and sweetness, to be able, perhaps, to write ten good lines…as it is necessary, for the origin of a single verse, to have seen many cities, known many men, things and animals, to have felt how the birds fly, to have known the gesture of the little flowers when morning begins. One must be able to rethink about walks in strange lands, unattended meetings, departures that became closer with extreme slowness, childhood days still so obscure…illnesses, and it is yet not enough to think about all this. One must have memories… and then patiently await their return, because alone, they are not yet poetry. When they become our blood, glance, nod and, by then without a name and cannot be distinguished from ourselves anymore, only then it can happen, in a rare case or moment, that from one of them the word of a verse will detached itself and arise".
(Rainer Maria Rilke)




We are living in an extraordinary period, thanks to the scientific knowledge which followed over two thousand years of history. This has brought radical changes in the whole sphere that involves human life; and not less in the world of art. Through the various artistic expressions we have passed from Van Gogh's impressionism to Picasso's cubism, from De Chirico's metaphysics
to Fontana's spatialism availing to the new realism and pop-art; in a following of avant-gardes movements searching for new languages to express the historic, social, conceptual, informal and formal with different techniques, oil, acrylic, mixed techniques…
It is by interiorizing all this knowledge that an artist becomes a thermometer of his own time and attaining to it he comes to discover new expressive languages and it is this that I wanted to do with my humble work of research.

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