.…the stroboscopic effect is appreciable.
(Paolo Denti)

….in particular the handprints and nude footprints, thanks to the fluorescent effect, it looks like they emanate energy, maybe the same that the artist had to spend to create them?? Whatever the answer is the fact remains that the effect is good and it contributes to making those paintings particular and unique.

Depending on the morphology of the painted pictograms, the canvases are enriched by their own aesthetic personality, other than an intrinsic historic value. The fact is that the visual result given by the mix is at times roundish, at times straight and pointed, and at other times in the shape of a winding path. A balance of shapes and signs, wonderfully put together, which gives the insight of a glorious past and the desire to find oneself back in a thrilling present.

50 x 70 cm. Mixed technique board 4mm