"Intersezioni" (Intersections)

"Timbratura" (Stamping)

"Stilizzazione celtica" (Celtic Stylization)

"Ecce-Homo" (Here is man)

"Cavallo Celtico" (Celtic Horse)

The artist Brighenti is like a voyager that having to go to a city for a visit, once arrived at a crossroad, decides to change his destination to adventure himself towards the road of the unknown to discover new towns, panoramas, unheard-of corners and gorges, open to new encounters and emotions.
I think that it is this curiosity in some way progressive and inexhaustible that gives him the possibility, step after step, to go up and arrive to new, valid and original artistic solutions, see: "positive and negative tracing".
He isn't satisfied with going along the street keeping right and enjoying the scenery, he expects and, what counts the most, does, is to go along the road even on the left side.
As to say that every medal has another side.
The result: the origin of a new, very incisive language , fascinating because it is veiled by a halo of mystery that avails itself of the simplest symbolism, utensils of common use, hands and various objects.
What to say, he is an artist that must be followed with attention, his approaches, even in their simplicity, have an original taste of marvellous, giving emotions.

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