Franco Brighenti, artist and a talent to admire, deserves the most careful and correct consideration for his paintings of surreal dimensions.
The oneiric elements compose a magical encounter full of a fantastic and extraordinary presence of various mixed forms of Modern Arts.

"Pittogrammi Isola di Creta" (Pictograms of Crete Island)
70 x 90 cm. Oil on canvas

"Nascita dei numeri"
(Birth of Numbers)
50 x 70 cm. Oil on canvas

"Nascita delle lettere"
(Birth of Letters)
50 x 80 cm. Oil on canvas

Brighenti's works attract and are liked for the overlapped union of more objects that create a vision of dreams full of magic and shininess, in a fascinating chromatic range. The president of the International Plurism Artistic Movement

Doc. Salvo Cantucci

"Dai pittogrammi alla @"
(From Pictograms to @)
50 x 70 cm. Oil on canvas

"Linguaggio delle chat"
(Chat Language)
50 x 70 cm. Oil on canvas

…The union of stars forms galaxies and their light reaches us from the depth of the night of times (or after light years).
It is then that we realize that a new star appeared in the sky, the reality is that the star was already shining for millenniums.
Starting from this consideration, the artist wanted to compare these mysterious symbols to magnificent stars,

Because at the root of our language and loaded of its own light that has been shining for more than 6.000 years. The artistic result: a bunch of pictograms more or less unfocused (because they come from the mist of times) that are determined in the centre reaching a characterization as letters, numbers or known objects.

"Glifi dei giorni, anno, secolo" Maya
(Glyphs of the days, year, century" Maya)
80 x 100 cm. Oil on juta canvas

A pleasing mix also from a decorative point of view, that doesn't have a direction or a sense, in fact the last canvases weren't signed by the artist, not to limit their collocation which is naturally subjective and can be valid on everyone of its four sides. Expression of a spatial concept.

…The new pictorial expression of Franco Brighenti finds, without a doubt, confirmation in a sort of "triumph of the sign". A clear crevice, a figurative discourtesy and consequently to the matter. The last works of the artist embrace the psychic element and it is evident how subconscious has the desire to impose itself.
The impact with the canvas is surely singular. The emotion which can be seized in front of this symbolic and sign obsession brings to a serious thought. Something familiar is caught in the pictograms and ideograms announced with so much incisiveness, something that belongs to us but we aren't sure why. Fragments of colours re-propose writing as the origin of concept and a way to bring back conscience. It is an invitation to confrontation, considering the past and giving a look to our intricate present. (Paolo Denti)

"Nascita delle forbici"
(Birth of scissors)
20 x 30 cm. Acrylic on canvas

"Nascita della pinza"
(Birth of the pliers)
20 x 30 cm. Acrylic on canvas

… is evident that if Brighenti had rooms such as the ones of the Rivoli castle at his disposal, he would position his pictograms in space; but like all the poor of the world, he transforms need into ingenuity and therefore makes a Pindaric mental jump of not indifferent height and considers the surface of the canvas as space, the space of the poor I add, but, as all simple things, functional and exhaustive of the pictorial needs of the artist. Pushing ourselves forward, there is a second necessity that the artist must face: to represent to show them to the eyes of the spectator of the pictograms; he chooses oil colours in the brilliant range, thus the so loved colours, appear again, in the last years literally disappeared or used very little. This is how from the able hands of the artist the tangled lines "Tangled lines" are born, that crossing themselves form a mix of mystery and arouse curiosity. In fact he who sees his works without rush, feels observed by Brighenti's canvases and therefore is called to study them more deeply, and it is thus that he crosses Psyche's glance or he catches a glimpse of a stylized profile of a Celtic chevalier; it is then, and only then, that one can realize instinctively that in those canvases, of very small dimensions, three thousand years of history are admirably represented and condensed.