When colour becomes emotion, light that coagulates in thought, a work of art is born. This is the case of the artist Brighenti who has been painting for some time using, with strength and incisiveness, a wide theme carried out mostly in oil.
Suggestivi ed affascinanti i suoi quadri che narrano, attraverso il segno ed il colore, i tanti momenti di partecipazione ematica che coinvolgono l'artista e il fruitore delle sue opere.
Brighenti, valido interprete dell'Arte Contemporanea riesce, attraverso un
ottimo equilibrio di forme e colore, ad ottenere risultati altamente
significativi e rappresentativi di tutto il suo excursus artistico.(Lia Ciatto)
It is an immediate creativity that guides Brighenti's hand and doesn't accept changing of mind, touch ups , long elaborations; too unrestrained not to ask for it to be exhausted in a few hours, in the stretch which was elaborated in his sensibility and experience, but not on canvas, or rather on insulating material (boards made of synthetic wood) which is the support material which he prefers.

His subjects aren't created casually, they have been photographed in many photograms, in his wanderings through the surrounding landscapes, in his approach to human events, people who struck him and with whom he became friends, found an affinity, began a dialogue.
Encounters that fermented in his experience, kept him company throughout time until they became paintings, where the portrait, in some parts as a caricature, saves the impression of a human warmth, where the landscape and still life feel the effects of the positive look placed upon them. Full and precise touches of the brush approach colour to colour, as if they want to make room for the whole palette, adding brightness to brightness.
The chosen range is the shiny one, of a joyous polychrome, that only at times covers itself of shades to space out the subject in a blurred, vaguely oneiric, atmosphere.
(Doc. Milena Moneta)

It would be reductive and uncritical to locate Franco Brighenti's works in a pictorial current or to allude to an academic style. This shows how pure the artist's path is. His commitment needs to be investigated from the roots. The traces of colour that develop landscapes and portraits are immediate; sure, settled on impressing an emotional photogram suddenly snatched away from reality. Shadows and lights harmonically diverted by the visual impact underline the romantic nature of the artist, as well as the attempt to burst into the thin substrata of matter.
(Paolo Denti)

"Acqua alta a Venezia"
(High water in Venice)
Oil on board 50x70 cm