"Omaggio ai caduti di Nassiriya"
(Homage to the fallen in Nassiriya)
100 x 110 cm. Oil on juta canvas

"Nell'occhio il mondo" (In the eye of the world)
50 x 70 cm.oil on canvas, mixed technique

"Il fumo ti rode i polmoni"
(Smoke eats your lungs)
50 x 70 oil on board 4 mm.

After years of research and study, the artist Brighenti seems to want to undergo the final test of an exam to verify the concreteness of his intuitions. To tell a new item with the symbolism of the past. The attempt seems brilliantly passed with the work: "Bush paladin of the world".
Here the artist, using the symbolism of 400's: Saint George a horse that kills the dragon; redone, it expresses a modern concept: "After the falling of the Twin Towers, after a first moment of dismay and fera, Bush gets on his horse and becomes paladin of the world by hunting terrorism, represented by the dragon."

"L'Europa e la pace"
(Europe and peace)
70 x 80 cm oil on canvas

A chromatic extension of symbolic contents, that extends its creativity through mysterious signs.
A vibrant energy of contrasting trait between lights and shadows that carry out a pictorial work of remarkable expressive power.
(G. Argelier)

"Parte interna dell'orecchio"
(Internal part of the ear)
50 x 70 oil on board 4 mm.