In December 1994: 2nd qualified cup "Premio Vita" (Life Prize). Conferred to me by the International Cultural Centre "Sever" of Milano. Work prized "Still life with chestnuts".
In November 2002: Gold medal for artistic merits conferred by the Alba gallery of Ferrara.
Work prized: "Egyptian Hieroglyphics"

Y e a r 2003:

February 15: "Oscar" for visual arts, collected at the Grand Hotel Terme of Castrocaro.
Conferred to me by the New Art Promotion. Work prized: "Noctiluca".

June 01: "Academy" first cup exequo for artistic merits, conferred to me by the "Severiade" Academy of Milan. Work prized: "Cell Activity".
July 13: "Master of Colour" cup in occasion of a cultural encounter of great interpreters of contemporary art conferred to me at the "Sever" centre of Milan. Work prized: "Striping".
July 20: Prize the "Gold Sail" conferred to me by the New Art Promotion for the innovative class and for the personal testimony in the world.

Collected in Portocanale of Cesenatico, on the motorboat "Princess".
Prized Work: "In the eye"

July 27: 1st prize exequo in a painting contest, organized by the Sever centre and inserted in the Province Feast of the Rebirth held from July 18 to July 29 in the area Mazda Palace (ex Palavobis) in Milan. The award ceremony was done by the Member of Parliament Cossutta. Prized work: "Europe and Peace".

     enlargement August 28: I received the appointment of superior degree of "Academic Correspondent" art section; conferred to me by the International Academy "Greci Marino" academy of Verbano of literature, art and science, of Vercelli for the high professionalism reached in the artistic camp for the whole work done.

Sept. 27 merit plate in occasion of the participation in collective held in the city of Nice, at the hotel "Radison Sas", Côte d'Azur, France. Reason: "Pour son grand talent artistique" (For his great artistic talent). Works displayed: "From the pictogram to the wedge-shaped" and "Horses".

November 02: First prize with cup "Forina Trophy" . Art contest held on the occasion of the regional feast of the Truffle in Montechiaro d'Asti, organized by the Cultural Figure Arts Centre "Rebaudengo Art" with the cooperation of the town hall and the participation of the mayor Gianmarco Rebaudengo. Reason: "For the colour and the originality of the subjects".

November 16: special prize for the innovative technique with the merit plate for the participation in collective in the second biennial "Rosario Ciatto" organized by the "Sever" centre of Milan. Prized work: "Still nature with pumpkins".

Novembre 27: gold medal given by the Alba gallery of Ferrara for artistic merits.
Prized work: "The prince of lilies".

November 29: merit plate for the participation in the collective exhibition in the biennial prize: Art Collection 2003 great names of contemporary art. The event was held at the grand hotel "Portovenere" in Portovenere in the presence of the mayor Gianfranco della Croce, organized by the New Art Promotion. Reason: "For his technical value and expressive ability". Prized work: "To remember".

December 21: 2nd prize with cup at the contest "Life Prize" organized by the Sever centre of Milan.
Prized Work: "Towards life".

Y e a r 2004

January 18: participation parchment for the prize: "2nd Contemporary Art Prize" organized by the cultural group "Laterza Art" of Laterza (TA). Works sent: "Still life with pumpkins" and "Etruscan Winged Puma".


June 12: Participation parchment for the final selection of the international trophy "Medusa Aurea XXVII edition painting section, issued by the international Modern Art academy of Rome (A.I.A.M.). Work in contest: "Modern Pictograms".

June 21: with written communication, the commission for holding the list of the A.I.A.M. academy, in consideration of my artistic merits, noticed during the final selection for the attribution of cultural prizes: he accepted my request and proposed me as candidate for the inscription to the list of "Correspondence Partners". The inscription to the A.I.A.M. and the honorary title, other than a reason of pride for belonging to a cultural institute which embraces more than thirty different nationalities, whose list is distributed throughout the whole world, it constitutes a valid contribution for cultural exchanges in Italy and overseas.
July 3: after the selection and the invitation, a prestigious plate was assigned to me by the Province of Milan at the International Award "Città di Alassio", promoted by the B e T gallery, Via Ponte Seveso, 36 Milan, and by the Edizioni Biondi e Tesio in the word of Rome. Wanted by critics and journalists; done under the high patronage of the Municipality of Alassio, the autonomous Tourist Board of Liguria, from the province of Savona and the Region and Province of Milan. The ceremony was held in the city of Alassio at the grand hotel "Spiaggia" (Beach) in presence of many local authorities and journalists. The work presented on that occasion "Cavilli" (Quibbles), was left in display from June 25, 2004 to July 3, 2004.
July 11: 3rd classified with plate, assigned to me by the Sever Centre for the theme contest: "Colourful Summer" . Work displayed : "Reflections in the water".

November 04: The artistic commission of the group "Arts Rebels" of the city of Imperia, presided by the Prof. Carla Marino, having seen part of my works, and having read my artistic curriculum, she decide to assign me the "Leonardo" award with parchment and a critical comment.


Y e a r 2005

February 27: The International Heraldry Academy "Il Marzocco" of Florence chose and invited me to Florence to withdraw the "Michelangelo Buonarotti" award, in homage to the rector Giovanni Mazzetti, man of culture and peace. With the trophy and parchment, I was conferred the honorary title of: "Universal Peace Ambassador".


March 1: The International Artistic Movement "Plurismo" of the city of Pescara, president Salvo Santucci, form my prolific and valuable artistic activity, he conferred me of the international selection award "Plurismo", which consists of a plate, honour diploma and what I appreciated very much, the inscription in the gold list.

May 14: I participated in the amatorial artistic and literary contest "poetry and image" with the theme "Woman…in foreground" organized by the s.f.l. Association Urania Lombardia of Cislago (VA) classifying myself in 17th place of 68 participants with the work "Female Sexual Hormones".
September 11: Special Award by the "Cremona 2000" jury.