If you aren't a river
Be a stream.

If you aren't a street
Be a small road between the woods.

If you can't be the sun
Be a star.

It isn't for size
That one wins or loses.


Be the best of what
You are.

M. L King

These beautiful words, pronounced by a great pacifist of the depth of Marting Luther King, give me the inspirations to study in depth the spirit that moves the dear friend Franco Brighenti.
In a society where all is entrusted to speed, the clamour of journals and tv and to money, everything that is else of these parameters doesn't find space anymore because it is un-paid.Time to think, to visit those who are ill, to bring a word of comfort to our own elderly parents, to help or aid someone in need, to do an act of charity, to read a good

book seem all wasted time and the ability to "give" leaves space to indifference, boredom, laziness and dissatisfaction.
Our artist, didn't chose newspapers or the TV to express and communicate his thoughts, rather to paint with oil on board or canvas committing himself greatly both time-wise as economically.
In fact it seems that further than the aesthetic appearances Brighenti is making a great effort to communicate; elevating art,

other than being a decorative instrument, a privileged means to express thoughts, facts, opinions, events, always filtering them with a veil of positivity.
He doesn't please himself with war, but he wants them to be a reprimand to new generations to build a future of peace.
The value of Brighenti's works isn't enclosed in the simple market value but, the true treasure is in the meanings that the works in themselves express.
This is the reason why his works deserve great exhibition spaces, intended in the physical sense because they are numerous and valid, but most of all for a correct reading and interpretation.

We are in front of an artist who is making a big effort to give the best of himself. We don't know if he will be a river or a stream, sun or star, flower or grass, let's make it that he isn't just a voice shouting in the desert, he deserves, from my modest point of view, to be heard. I express my best regards to an artist friend that locates himself in the whole panorama of Modern Art, surely as a : "voice out of the chorus".
A friend



"Raffigurazione di Diogene tratta dalla decorazione di un vaso"
(Painting of Diogene taken from the decoration of a vase)
50 x 70 cm. Oil on canvas


"Puma alato etrusco"
(Etruscan Winged Puma)
50 x 70 oil on canvas

This internal drive, gives him the way to find the strength to study, research, to study in depth, compose, elaborate sensations, impressions, facts and events, which he transfers on canvas with incisiveness and that without this effort would be lost.
Every one of his works, isn't aimed for itself, but is part of a global design, therefore it becomes as a "word" which is a composing part of a phrase.
The composition of the words forms a phrase that expresses an "idea, a concept, a thought". To take out a work means at times, to make the phrase limp with the consequent risk of not understanding its meaning correctly.